Inventor & Team

We are open to new cooperating partners and investors for the last steps in the development and commercialization of this technology.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Eng. Rolando Ávila Cusicanqui


Mr. Rolando Ávila C. is the inventor of the technology and also the founder and President of RAC Technnologies

Vitae Eng. Rolando Ávila Cusicanqui

Javier Adelantado

Technical collaborator

Mr. Adelantado is the closest technical collaborator and co-inventor of the technology

Vitae Javier Adelantado

Alfredo Suvelza

Managerial Advisor & International Interface

Mr. Suvelza takes care of the organization and conduction of innovation process, designing the roadmap for the project and opening international relationships.

Vitae Alfredo Suvelza

Dipl. T.S. Alberto Terán Solíz

Technical Adviser

Mr. Terán's contribution is vital for lab tests and blueprints, as well as for the design and manufacturing of different components for the machines and prototypes that RAC Technologies designs and produces. He is a Professor in Electricity and Electrical Machines at the San Francisco Xavier University since 1997.


Dr. Baldui Blanque Molina: Technical Consultant (Professor at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña, Spain in Power Electronics. He conducted the dynamic simulations of the motor.

Dr. Pere Andrada: Technical Consultant (Professor at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña, Spain. He was in charge of the analysis of this technology using advanced software.

Late George S. Moore: Former Chairman of Citicorp (Citibank of New York)

Late Dr. Igor Alexeff: Prominent Nuclear Scientist in USA

Dr. Milton Bailey: Highly recognised Scientist in USA

Dr. Steven Danie: University of Alabama, Technical Consultant

Dr. Mike Marcel: Technical Consultant based in USA

Francesc Folguera Moré: C.E.O. of the Equilibri Foundation of Barcelona

Members of the Board of Directors

Ing. Oscar Rolando Avila C., President 

Dra. Aida Camacho B. Vice President

Marcel Velasco (Engineer): Secretary of the Board of Directors

Edmond Tondu (Economist): Member of the Board of Directors

Lita Kurshner: Member of the Board of Directors

Rafael Abastoflor (Lawyer): Legal consultant & member of the Board of Directors

Alfredo Suvelza (International Consultant and Lecturer at the Leipzig University of Germany): Managerial Adviser

Ing. Javier Adelantado Pérez (Electronics Engineer): Technical Consultant

Ing. Alberto Teran (Electronics Engineer): Technical Consultant