Javier Adelantado

Born in Barcelona, Spain, in the year 1943, Mr. Adelantado studied at the School of Telecommunications Engineering in La Salle Bonanova of Barcelona. After graduating as Electronics Engineer, Electronics and Electro-Acoustics, as well as Sound, became his specialties.

His experiences in the scientific fields include his work as professor of General Electronics including Laboratory Work (from 1973 to 1978) in the Professional Technical School of Electronics of Hostafranchs, Barcelona at the Electro-Acoustics Laboratory Work (from 1991 to 1999) in the Technical School of the San Francisco Xavier University in Chuquisaca, Bolivia.

He is also technical director of both radio stations Aclo and Loyola (5 radio stations in all). Among his other activities, he is in charge of planning, designing and installing more than ten radio 10 KW Medium Wave Radios (entailing antenna systems, earth discharge ground connections, links, automation, equipment control, applied electronics studies and other pertaining tasks.)