Our Innovation

An innovative technology for electric reluctance motors and generators allows outstanding performance and efficiency in terms of its power/mass ratio, the power delivered, the flexibility to work at different loads and input levels among other incomparable advantages. The functioning principle unleashes a number of advantages over the different currently available technologies in the market. Machines adopting this technology can reach levels far beyond equivalent motors of similar size and weight. Motors and generators adopting this concept would also go beyond the IE4 standard (Super Premium Efficiency).

The concept opens a wide application potential in industrial uses as generator or motor. Furthermore, a better use of materials, solid and simple construction, economic and easy maintenance, recyclability and reusability make it highly ecological by promising a sound impact on the efficiency of energy use.

Advantages of the technology

A reluctance motor based in this technology presents outstanding characteristics and advantages.

The following advantages regarding its performance were already identified:

  • Reach efficiency levels beyond the IE4 Super Premium Efficiency standard (superior, according to norm IEC 60034-31)
  • Unprecedented flexibility of operation: Our technology enables a machine (motor) to produce power outputs ranging from low to very high with the same tension (Voltage) in all cases; for this, only minor changes in the software of the controller are required (this is new in the motors and generator technologies). This feature makes this technology particularly attractive for its application in the areas of mobility and other where different outputs are required maintaining very high efficiency levels.
  • Keep a very high efficiency level with different inputs
  • Its speed and torque can be modified while it maintains its high efficiency => it can operate at different types of loads in industrial processes
  • High efficiency at all loads and speeds
  • The stator of a motor using this technology reaches very high saturation levels lineally and proportionally to the current - up to 2.3 Tesla
  • Highly efficient transfer of energy (electric-mechanical)
  • Smaller weight for a same given power


The bar chart above shows a comparison of a motor with our technology and two other machines which are among the most advanced options available in the market. 

  • Greater power at a same consumption level
  • A better and uniform torque distribution curve
  • High torque/volume and torque/inertia relation
  • It doesn’t produce negative torque (this is new in the motors and generator technologies)
  • Shorter magnetic circuits with smaller losses in iron


The following chart shows output levels with and without our technology (Continuous line shows a motor with our technology and the dot line a traditional motor without our technology) 

Comparison of torque curves with and without our technology


The figure above shows a motor working in the conventional way, only with electromagnets. It's evident that with the introduction of our technology, the torque can be incremented in more than 100% using the same input current. With the use of additional magnets according to our innovative functioning principle, that high level of torque shows saturation only after reaching clearly higher levels.

The technology also presents several advantages regarding its construction and maintenance:

  • Shorter magnetic circuits with smaller losses in iron
  • Construction tolerant to faults
  • Simple and robust mechanical construction
  • Low manufacture costs
  • It is easily recyclable and reusable, there fore highly ecological
  • More efficient use of materials
  • Simple, economic and fast maintenance (e.g. to replace the coils)
  • Alignment of output-cost-weight