The prototype Alfa IE4 MHR 3P NR5

The small prototype Alfa IE4 MHR 3P NR5 was built and presented at the XXth International Conference on Electrical Machines on September the 2nd, 2012, in Marseille, France. The main features of that small experimental motor include:

Single stage with all 3 phases set in the same plane
It incorporates 3 magnets over the electromagnet’s poles
ICE Size  80
Nº phases  3
C.C. Tension (V)  300
Nominal speed (rpm)  3.000
Mass (kg)  8.6


The outstanding results produced by this prototype include:

Nominal power 1.100 W (1,5 HP)
Efficiency 86,8%
Power/mass ratio 128 W/kg
Category - IEC 60034-31 IE4 (superior)

The prototype produces 47% more power than an equivalent motor of similar size and weight